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How You Can Begin to Protect Your Search Engine Ranking by Sesan Oguntade

Your website's ranking on search engines is a vital element of your overall marketing campaign, and there are ways to improve your link popularity through legitimate methods. Unfortunately, the Internet is populated by bands of dishonest webmasters seeking to improve their link popularity by faking out search engines.

The good news is that search engines have figured this out, and are now on guard for "spam" pages and sites that have increased their rankings by artificial methods. When a search engines tracks down such a site, that site is demoted in ranking or completely removed from the search engine's index.

The bad news is that some high quality, completely above-board sites are being mistaken for these web page criminals. Your page may be in danger of being caught up in the "spam" net and tossed from a search engine's index, even though you have done nothing to deserve such harsh treatment. But there are things you can do - and things you should be sure NOT to do - which will prevent this kind of misperception.

Link popularity is mostly based on the quality of sites you are linked to. Google pioneered this criteria for assigning website ranking, and virtually all search engines on the Internet now use it. There are legitimate ways to go about increasing your link popularity, but at the same time, you must be scrupulously careful about which sites you choose to link to. Google frequently imposes penalties on sites that have linked to other sites solely for the purpose of artificially boosting their link popularity. They have actually labeled these links "bad neighborhoods."

You can raise a toast to the fact that you cannot be penalized when a bad neighborhood links to your site; penalty happens only when you are the one sending out the link to a bad neighborhood. But you must check, and double-check, all the links that are active on your links page to make sure you haven't linked to a bad neighborhood.

The first thing to check out is whether or not the pages you have linked to have been penalized. The most direct way to do this is to download the Google toolbar at You will then see that most pages are given a "Pagerank" which is represented by a sliding green scale on the Google toolbar.

Do not link to any site that shows no green at all on the scale. This is especially important when the scale is completely gray. It is more than likely that these pages have been penalized. If you are linked to these pages, you may catch their penalty, and like the flu, it may be difficult to recover from the infection.

There is no need to be afraid of linking to sites whose scale shows only a tiny sliver of green on their scale. These sites have not been penalized, and their links may grow in value and popularity. However, do make sure that you closely monitor these kind of links to ascertain that at some point they do not sustain a penalty once you have linked up to them from your links page.

Another evil trick that illicit webmasters use to artificially boost their link popularity is the use of hidden text. Search engines usually use the words on web pages as a factor in forming their rankings, which means that if the text on your page contains your keywords, you have more of an opportunity to increase your search engine ranking than a page that does not contain text inclusive of keywords.

Some webmasters have gotten around this formula by hiding their keywords in such a way so that they are invisible to any visitors to their site. For example, they have used the keywords but made them the same color as the background color of the page, such as a plethora of white keywords on a white background. You cannot see these words with the human eye - but the eye of search engine spider can spot them easily! A spider is the program search engines use to index web pages, and when it sees these invisible words, it goes back and boosts that page's link ranking.

Webmasters may be brilliant and sometimes devious, but search engines have figured these tricks out. As soon as a search engine perceive the use of hidden text - splat! the page is penalized.

The downside of this is that sometimes the spider is a bit overzealous and will penalize a page by mistake. For example, if the background color of your page is gray, and you have placed gray text inside a black box, the spider will only take note of the gray text and assume you are employing hidden text. To avoid any risk of false penalty, simply direct your webmaster not to assign the same color to text as the background color of the page - ever!

Another potential problem that can result in a penalty is called "keyword stuffing." It is important to have your keywords appear in the text on your page, but sometimes you can go a little overboard in your enthusiasm to please those spiders. A search engine uses what is called "Keyphrase Density" to determine if a site is trying to artificially boost their ranking. This is the ratio of keywords to the rest of the words on the page. Search engines assign a limit to the number of times you can use a keyword before it decides you have overdone it and penalizes your site.

This ratio is quite high, so it is difficult to surpass without sounding as if you are stuttering - unless your keyword is part of your company name. If this is the case, it is easy for keyword density to soar. So, if your keyword is "renters insurance," be sure you don't use this phrase in every sentence. Carefully edit the text on your site so that the copy flows naturally and the keyword is not repeated incessantly. A good rule of thumb is your keyword should never appear in more than half the sentences on the page.

The final potential risk factor is known as "cloaking." To those of you who are diligent Trekkies, this concept should be easy to understand. For the rest of you?cloaking is when the server directs a visitor to one page and a search engine spider to a different page. The page the spider sees is "cloaked" because it is invisible to regular traffic, and deliberately set-up to raise the site's search engine ranking. A cloaked page tries to feed the spider everything it needs to rocket that page's ranking to the top of the list.

It is natural that search engines have responded to this act of deception with extreme enmity, imposing steep penalties on these sites. The problem on your end is that sometimes pages are cloaked for legitimate reasons, such as prevention against the theft of code, often referred to as "pagejacking." This kind of shielding is unnecessary these days due to the use of "off page" elements, such as link popularity, that cannot be stolen.

To be on the safe side, be sure that your webmaster is aware that absolutely no cloaking is acceptable. Make sure the webmaster understands that cloaking of any kind will put your website at great risk.

Just as you must be diligent in increasing your link popularity and your ranking, you must be equally diligent to avoid being unfairly penalized. So be sure to monitor your site closely and avoid any appearance of artificially boosting your rankings.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Obtaining a great web hosting provider by E. Johns

Searching and obtaining a reliable web host can be a long and tedious journey. They all offer the same thing, but actually finding one who is helpful can be quite a nuissance. Larger hosts such as GoDaddy advertise on television (Super Bowl) to pray on the average joe signing up for a website by utilizing sex in their commercials; What they dont show you is, if you are relying on a company to keep a website on the web, and in 100% working order, then they are not the best candidate. Larger companys will lack in the support department, as a company generally staffs approximately 20-30 support techs. GoDaddy houses around 5 MILLION websites. so 5,000,000 customers for a mere 30 techs? You need to look up reviews, and other peoples articles on why specific web hosting companies are better than others.

Trying to identify a web host can be a very daunting task especially when there are so many available nowadays and all of them promise one thing or another. Hence, it is crucial that before you jump in, you do your own homework or research for selecting the most appropriate web hosting company for your website.

With the changing trend of technology, web hosts are also changing. Most of them provide various services in addition to their basic ones. Say if you are running an e-commerce website, then of course you need high end security and a medium through which you can manage your web content efficiently. There are many tools that facilitate this, however if your web hosting service is not reliable then you can miss out on serious revenues and prospective clients.

Once you have determined and identified what web hosting services you require for your online business, it is then time to enlist certain web hosting features and options you must consider. You can find below some of the most important aspects of web hosting:

"Kiddie Hosts and Overselling"

Oversellers tend to offer more, than what they actually have access too. You might be tempted to sign up for that $2 a month web hosting plan that offers Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth. Last I checked, I couldnt visit Best Buy, or Newegg and buy a 'Unlimited Harddrive'. Its only a matter of time before that hard drive is filled up, and your out of luck!

Bandwidth and Disk Space

You should ask yourself "Do I need this much space?". When you see hosts offering a large amount (500gigs+) for $2/month, this might result in a 'Kiddie Host' that I discussed above. Disk Space is the amount of space you can upload to your account. All files such as pictures, web pages, etc all affect this value. Bandwidth is the amount of traffic that is sent to your viewers. Easiest way to figure this out is this, if you have a 100Gig limit, and your website is made of 10 pages, at 1mb total file size each (this includes the pictures on them), and your visitors visit every web page, without fail. That means each time a visitor comes to your website, it is using 10 MB of your bandwidth. Which means you can have 10,000 viewers on your site per month. Yes, bandwidth resets EVERY month! But dont fret, most websites are only at most 1mb for the entire site! Most hosts will allow you to upgrade your bandwidth amount for a small fee, since bandwidth is somewhat cheap.

OS and the Programming Tools

You need to be sure that your website is uploaded through secure servers using the latest Operating System. Most web hosts run on a UNIX based operating system, usually Linux or BSD. For the running of various web applications you would require ASP, .NET, MS SQL, SBS and for these you need a Window based host.

Pricing Overview

When a price is too good to be true, do your research on the company, because chances are, it probably is. Talk to a live chat operator if one is available, this will allow you to get a sense of what a company is like. Dont forget to ask them about any special promotions or discounts.

Support & Security

Security and backups are two very important aspects that you need to consider. You should always choose a web hosting service with reliable telephone support. Some also offer 24/7 support through local or toll-free numbers. In case you are running an ecommerce website then security is one aspect that you just cannot discard. Your web hosting service provider should be such that they can monitor things round the clock and ensure no unwanted intruder can hack your site. After all it's your website and it is really worth looking into this aspect of web hosting.

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With the internet web hosting company, you can start virtually any business possible. Want investors for a manufacturing company, a law firm, maybe even start your own hospital? Develop a website that would be shown to investors showing your plans, your ideas, and your dreams!

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Opportunities Await With the EBay Partner Network by Rob Kraft

For a simple yet interesting way to build up an online income, consider the eBay Partner Network. It gives you the freedom to market and generate income from sites without having to actually own the products that you are marketing.

The eBay national market places hold great opportunity for affiliate marketers. The popularity of eBay as a place to sell has created a staggering array of products across many, many categories and niches. All in a consumer trusted, safe marketplace.

Imagine every product on eBay that is listed for sale right now, as items that you might already have prime buyers for. In return for referring your website visitors to these products, you can make some pure profit. Pure profit because it costs you nothing to join and you already have traffic.

Let's use a simple example. Have a popular website or Blog on scrapbooking for example? At the time of this writing, a search on eBay for the keyword "scapbooking" returned over 89,000 results! With thousands of products for sale at any time in the marketplace, you should have no trouble refining your product search to find highly targeted products that your visitors may be interested in.

This is only one way to bring in some extra income. Marketers refer to this as Monetizing your traffic.

Another way to bring in much, much more income to develop an entire niche store around eBay keywords or categories. You could look for a domain like (yeah, it's probably taken by now) just as an example, and build an entire web store around products listed on eBay right now. What you list on your site is actually a link with your affiliate id to the eBay listing. When a sale is completed, you make the commission. Simple concept right? You even make a commission if your user signs up for a new eBay account but never completes the sale.

Start monetizing your traffic today!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

How to Get Money for Business Opportunities by business.fundifau

Are you thinking of starting your own company? The idea of owning your own business is exciting, but just how are you going to get the money to open on your own? There are several ways you can get money for business opportunities, but they often require a great deal of commitment and dedication. Make sure you are really ready to make your company work before you try to get started. As a business owner you will need money to pay for rent, equipment, merchandise, employees, and other bills. To obtain this money you can either work for it yourself or ask for a loan. Many people tap into their savings when getting money for business opportunities since loans are so difficult to get in the early stages of a business. Never attach your personal assets to your business as you could end up losing them if your business fails. If you don't have enough money to open you can also go to your friends and family. You can ask to borrow money and pay it back when you can. This is a very simple way of getting funds, but keep in mind how disappointed your family or friends will be if the business fails. Will you still be able to pay them back? You can get money through loans and investors as well. Getting a loan through a bank is actually easier than you think. They will want to see some sort of business credit, and they may even ask for some kind of personal guarantee. It helps if you get a business credit card first so you can build up your credit for awhile before going to the bank. Make sure you have a great business plan to show the bank so they can trust you with the loan. Investors are also difficult to find in the early stages of a business. New businesses are at a high risk, since many of them close down right away. You can find private investors or business companies that are interested in putting money into your business and getting a larger return later on. Look into setting out tier one and tier two accounts with private investors to begin establishing your business credit. The amounts you will receive at first are smaller than from the bank but it helps in assisting you to building the foundation the banks are looking for. Angel Investors Help You Get Money for Business Opportunities If you are the right type of company you may be able to find angel investors who can help you. These are private investors who invest in starting companies who are expecting to make a lot of money in a short amount of time. Angel investors expect to receive about ten times the money they invested in just a few short years. There are very few companies out there that are able to grow that quickly. If you just need a little money to start your business you may want to go to the stores directly. If you just need some office supplies to get you going you can ask for a thirty day extension or company credit. You can also go online and search for information that can help any business owner get money for business opportunities. When you use these steps, getting money for business opportunities is easy.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stop Your Relationship Breakdown Before It Happens by johnemman1

Relationship breakdown happens much more often than we would like to admit. The notion of anything "breaking down" is bad in and of itself, let alone our very own relationship breakdowns. We recognise that marriage and relationships breakdown for a variety of reasons. If you are currently experiencing relationship problems and recognise some of the signs and signals then you could choose to tackle the problem before you reach the stage of separation or divorce.

Keeping it together

A divorce, separation or any loss of an important relationship is a painful experience. There are many couples living in a transition between married life and getting divorced, but please remember you are not alone in looking for help with divorce or long term relationship breakdown.

While we can speak of relationships either flourishing or breaking down, if we take a closer look we will notice that a relationship will only really work when both parties are communicating with each other. Apologising even when you think you are not in the wrong can help to keep the lines of communication open. This simple act has saved many relationships because individuals then feel safe to discuss their genuine feelings. The old adage of "the silent treatment" only serves to fuel anger and repress genuine feelings that should be shared at this most delicate of times. The magic of good communication is feeling that you are being listened to and that you are able to listen to your partner. This in turn will empower you within your union and make for stronger bonds.

You can easily recover from relationship breakdowns and achieve breakthrough if you have a strong unwavering commitment to your relationship. In fact relationship breakdowns very rarely occur when both parties are fully committed to making the relationship work. Commitment involves making sacrifices as well as working every minute of every hour in keeping your relationship strong.

One of the many areas which is forgotten is the need for one's own identity, having one's own space, interest or hobbies. Persons who take time out for themselves to pursue their own interest often return to their partner refreshed. Unions where this takes place are often quite strong as no-one feels stifled and there is further building of trust and intimacy.

One of the unseen side effects of relationship breakdowns is that people are more likely to experience mental health problems (especially in the form of stress, anxiety or depression), poor physical health, and reduced productivity at work.

CPALead Network by Asmodeus

This is meant as a brief overview of the CPALead network program, so you can decide if it is right for you or not. Some people love using cpa (cost per action) offers and surveys to monetize their own websites, while others don't quite understand how it works. I hope my explanation will make sense to those reading this who may be considering joining this program.

When you join a cpa lead network, your job as a publisher is to provide leads for those advertisers paying to have their surveys placed on your website. This advertising is created through the use of a cpa gateway which usually contains 3-5 surveys that a visitor to your site can choose from. It's against the TOS to mention a specific survey, but I can say that they are mostly of a fun quiz type nature like "What kind of animal are you?" or will ask your surfer if they want to fill out a form for a chance to win a prize. Many of them reference specific tv shows or movies and that makes them far more engaging than a typical ad.

The interface for creating one of these cpa gateways is extremely easy to follow, plus there is also a guide, should you get stuck on something you don't understand. You can pick the background (or even make your own), and change the color, font style, title, text, or even the time at which it appears on your site. Use the premium content default setting if you don't want to bother changing anything. It's easy, really!

The statistics are very easy to follow as well. It tells you how many clicks your surveys received and from what sites, plus the EPC rate for each survey, so you know which ones are doing better than others. You could remove the lower performing ones, but I don't recommend it because the default setting rotates the best ones to the top anyway.

So, what are the advantages to monetizing your site with the CPALead network? Well, we all know that the economy is bad right now and it's getting increasingly difficult to be able to sell anything online to your visitors, but with the cpa lead method you don't have to. You simply generate leads by surfers filling out easy surveys on your site. Simple as that!

It's much more effective than using PPC methods, mainly because it's not as random and you don't need as much traffic. Using a typical program like Adsense, you need 1000's of visitors to your sites every day just to make a few cents when they happen to click on something that grabs their attention, but with cpalead you only need around 100 to make the same amount. Of course, if you have a lot more traffic, then you make even more money!

CPALead works best if you have an entertainment theme site like for TV shows, movies, games, etc, or if you have a download site for ebooks, wallpaper, scripts or programs. If you have any of those type, then it's impossible not to make money! Try the cpa gateway method and see just how much money you can make online!

All the best to you!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

ad words marketing - Adwords Marketing- Manage Your Keywords

If you want to have a good performing Adword campaign then you will have to take out the trash every once in a while, this means deleting keywords that are not performing very well. This really should be done at least once a month.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to use the Adword Editor to manage your keywords. You can move them around to alternate ad groups or just delete the ones that are performing poorly. It your choice it all depends on how you want to maintain your campaign history.

Adwords is really helpful in that it helps maintain our account history and any time you do a little Adword maintenance yourself it will help with the maintenance of your account history. And for those who have had their accounts for a while, you will be happy to know that AdWords recognizes you.

Google's optimization tool will help move your keywords from one group to another and it will no way affect your over all performance history.

Just a word of caution with your campaign, if you plan to remove or delete some keywords be aware that it can affect your performance history. And possibly damage your account to the extent of removing that history.

Deleting keywords has shown to have a couple of good benefits about it. First it deters new impressions of your campaign ad. This is important because bad performing keywords could bog down you're the click through rate of your entire campaign, and that's not a good thing. The second benefit would be that purging old history may be needed for a fresh start but be warned not all history is deleted. For more information about ad words marketing please visit by Roderick Grant

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